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About us

The team at have been helping singers and choirs for over 25 years. We are a mixture of vocalists, musicians, producers, and choir directors. We have traveled around the world singing, playing, and teaching Gospel music. Hearyourpart has worked with ministries from small praise teams to large mass choirs. No matter the size or ethnicity background, we are devoted to helping your music ministry be VOCALLY PREPARED.

Our ultimate goal is to help rehearsals be as productive as possible. So when it’s time to hit the stage, the correct vocal parts are being sung with confidence! We created this website to help singers learn their parts BEFORE showing up to rehearsal. This means no more extra-long rehearsals (You’re welcome choir members LOL), less down time for the musicians, and no more teaching new songs from scratch.


Renix Graham
"Yes Sir!!! This is GENIUS next level stuff. Makes choir rehearsal MUCH easier!"
Eddie Baltrip
"Very professional and 21st Century forward. Great help for preparing for Sunday services!"
Steve Gooden
"I’m sharing this site to every church I’m playing at. What a GREAT idea!”"

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